Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Family Word Means To you?

Family as each letter of the word has a great meaning to it which is Father Mother I Love You. Once the family is intact, the whole structure of society is stable and hence our duty or mission in life is to first love ourselves and then we have an outpouring love in us to love our family unconditionally. If we are unhappy, it is a tall order to love someone else or even to take care of someone else. With this in mind, start taking good care of our mind and our body. We allow only positive thoughts into our minds and throw out the negative emotions as the negative emotions hold us back. We need to exercise our body to release the stress of daily life and when we are able to nurture our body with good nutrition and exercise, we have the energy to take care of others and be creative in fulfilling our dreams in our lives. When we have a sense of purpose in our lives, we are able to extend a hand to those who need support to help them as well.

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